Hand Of Beaver


Andy Kaufman illustration by the Hand Of Beaver for Atomic Elbow Professional Wrestling Fanzine.
"Terry Gordy Devouring His Son"- Christmas 2012, Hand Of Beaver, Atomic Elbow Professional Wrestling Fanzine. Ink on paper. Some whiteout too.
"Taxi Driver" Drowing for Chips & Beer Mag #3 New York Metal Special. Iris serving a John. John Hinckley hanging out in the alley. Beaver farted from a cheese eating rat.


Chips & Beer Mag logos by Hand of Beaver

Thin Lizzy drowing by Beaver, looking at the cover of The Adventures Of Thin Lizzy Hit Singles compilation from the other side of the desert. From Chips & Beer Mag #7, Out Now.
Coltrane Live In Seattle, drawing for Arthur Magazine #35, August 2013
Artwork by BEAVER. Top: ASTRAL PLANE (L to R): Pharoah Sanders, Jimmy Garrison, Elvin Jones, John Coltrane, Donald Garrett, McCoy Tyner. Bottom: MATERIAL PLANE (L to R): Sanders, Garrison, Garrett, Jones, Tyner, Coltrane.

Wizards Of Ozma: drowing of The Melvins by The Hand Of Beaver for Arthur Magazine #34.

Sam Peckinpah Fighting Ernest Borgnine As The Dragon (2014) ink and tears of laughter on paper. Appears in the C&B Westerns Primer, Chips & Beer Magazine #7, Out Now.
Goldberg vs. Hulk Hogan, drowing by Hand Of Beaver for Atomic Elbow Professional Wrestling Fanzine, Sept 2013